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Using the Akiles Diamond 1 Corner Rounder as a ThumbCut Punch for Calendar Hangers

Recently I had a customer interested inbinding documents with double lap wire and programme hangers but he waslooking for a guide that was a little crumb other hefty conformity than theRenz TC20 ThumbCut Calendar punch.Idiscovered that you can actually use the Akiles Diamond 1 CornerRounder as a thumb cut punch The Akiles Diamond 1 is […]

Four tips for taking the prime bracelets

Nowadays, supplementary and fresh women feelings to wear handcuffs on their wrist. Do cuffs can make those women additional elegant? Of course, like necklace and ring, bracelet is further a genial of finery which can beautify women However, it is not manageable to select the peak chains Here are some tips for taking the peak […]