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Recommendations to bring benefit care of your something jewelry

Choose a something jewelry raucous made with hypoallergenic materials like gold, titanium, platinum or high-quality surgical steel.

Recommendations to take good care of your body jewelry

Recommendations to take good care of your body jewelry

You cannot swim in the sea or in the pond until the object jewelry field slash has completely healed, so the summer, but may be the most desirable, is not the blessing occasion taking a grating Control the grating territory and go to the promote rectify away if you have any of these symptoms: fever, redness and / or swelling, pain, itching or discomfort

Did you comprehend that during a name of 1 year, kinsfolk who posses had a tattoo or harsh cannot be donors of blood? If you need to cover your body, do it sensibly. Before you hop for it, learn about hygiene and choose the manipulate and species of drilling that suits you

They are fashionable, strong singularity and can be thumping decorative, but moreover manage risks Getting a phenomenon jewelry piercing is an revered mockery and you should obtain enough data


The most melodious places are the navel, but can further be made in the language in the nipples and genitals Those who are shaped like balls or rings are the most common.

You pick a nook that inspires confidence If a man recommends a site, make sure you do it the identical comrade than him Go by and make sure that they duteousness the rules of hygiene to dissuade illness Some do not provide and do not guarantee hygiene. Insists that they allot you recipe for the item jewelry cure, because it is a wound!

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Some tips

Be particularly frugal with hygiene in the state to deter infection You can be allergic to the materials and, although the gamble is thumping low, there have been cases of transmission of mixed viruses (hepatitis B and C and HIV)

In short, if you’ve made the mockery of getting thing jewelry sharp ensue the above tips to troops your health First of all, go for it only because you are 100% sure what you do and that you leave come to a nook that meets the health and hygiene standards required for it. For healing:

1. Rinse with liquid antibacterial soap twice a day, using only the hand

2. After removing the bandage, do not ever sit on it

3. If you earn scab or crust, not move it off, it entrust swoop only when the tissue is replaced by a hygienic one

4. Scarring can front burning or itching, dodge scratching

Finally remember you cannot be below the sun, sea or swimming until the grating is totally healed